Kerala India Travel – Tips to Plan Your Trip (Part 2)

Part 1 of Kerala India Travel – Tips to Plan Your Trip covered the commonly asked questions of when is the best time to visit Kerala, and what to take and wear. Part 2 has more helpful tips for planning your trip.

Do I need to book in advance?
It is definitely possible to travel around Kerala without booking anything in advance, even during peak season. There are plenty of accommodation options, so you’ll always find somewhere to stay, and this option gives you the most flexibility for changing your plans.

However if you are on a short trip or have somewhere in mind where you really want to stay, then go ahead and book. It’s also always a good idea to book your first few nights in India to help you settle in.

Regarding transport, you won’t need to book buses and you can always find a car and driver when you get there. Internal flights are cheaper in advance so you may want to book these. You may also consider booking overnight trains if you want to travel in one of the higher classes (First or AC2) as these book up quickly.

Overall I wouldn’t worry too much about booking eveything in advance. In India things never go quite as planned so it’s best to be able to go with the flow and accept any changes to your plans. You’ll enjoy yourself more if you don’t let delays bother you.

One thing we learnt in India is that ‘Everything is Possible’. Somehow in India you can always find someone to help you, find a way somehow for things to work out.

Do I need a visa for India?
One thing you will want to arrange in advance is your visa. Citizens of all countries except Nepal and Bhutan need a visa. These are usually valid for 6 months from the date of issue (not when you arrive in the country) and can be obtained from the Indian embassy or high commission in your home country.

Postal applications can take a while so make sure you allow a month or so if you can’t attend the embassy in person. When applying in person there are often long queues (especially in London), so you’ll need to arrive early and it can take all day. You can avoid these by paying a visa agency to get your visa for you.

Part 3 of Kerala India Travel Tips looks at the best ways to travel around Kerala and how to manage money and malaria.

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